Bachelor Party Don’t: Taking a Ton of Pictures

Montreal is where your group will be celebrating the groom’s last night of freedom. With so much culture around you, it’s only natural that you’d want to take some pictures to help you remember your once-in-a-lifetime trip. Snapping pictures every five seconds is something you should really try not to do during a bachelor party, though. Following are the top three reasons why:

#1 – It screams “tourist!”: Wherever you decide to hold the bachelor party, you want to blend in with the locals and appear as though your group belongs in the town or city. Snapping a picture every three or four feet when you walk down the road or through a park tells everybody you’re somebody who’s “just visiting.”

#2 – It may result in the mistaken collection of evidence: It’s a simple relationship: the more pictures you take, the higher the likelihood you will take a picture of something you shouldn’t. Most bachelor party experts say that these events should be camera-free, but if you insist on taking it along, snap a few pictures of your group before you head out to any strip clubs or bars. Fewer pictures that are well-planned are always a safer bet than a multitude of candid shots.

#3 – You only need so many pictures of that local landmark: Some people who bring cameras along end up wasting a lot of time photographing buildings and scenery, time that could be better spent admiring the local female population. Don’t be one of those tourists who takes 100 pictures of Old Montreal for the folks back home. They’ll be bored after the first 10 anyway, so buy some postcards instead.