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Montreal The Bachelor Party Friendly City

Your best friend finally took the first step to adulthood- got engaged! He has given you the honour of planning the most important event… The Bachelor Party. First step is getting the guest list down and the next and probably most important step is finding the location. Montreal in the past decade been on the list on many top 10 destinations for Bachelor Parties. Montreal welcomes travellers from all over the world because of its culture, cuisine and history.

Montreal Bachelor Party

For bachelor parties Montreal has everything to offer, beautiful women, restaurants that foodies would die for, nightlife (comparable to Vegas) and strip clubs (did we mention contact strip clubs). When planning your Montreal Bachelor party the one advise we have, is not to plan it on your own. Montreal is full of the top of the line hotels, restaurants and nightlife but it also has many places you would not want to waste your time on. We know all the best spots in the city and will hook your boys up with a weekend to remember.

Bachelor Party Don’t: Taking a Ton of Pictures

Montreal is where your group will be celebrating the groom’s last night of freedom. With so much culture around you, it’s only natural that you’d want to take some pictures to help you remember your once-in-a-lifetime trip. Snapping pictures every five seconds is something you should really try not to do during a bachelor party, though. Following are the top three reasons why:

#1 – It screams “tourist!”: Wherever you decide to hold the bachelor party, you want to blend in with the locals and appear as though your group belongs in the town or city. Snapping a picture every three or four feet when you walk down the road or through a park tells everybody you’re somebody who’s “just visiting.”

#2 – It may result in the mistaken collection of evidence: It’s a simple relationship: the more pictures you take, the higher the likelihood you will take a picture of something you shouldn’t. Most bachelor party experts say that these events should be camera-free, but if you insist on taking it along, snap a few pictures of your group before you head out to any strip clubs or bars. Fewer pictures that are well-planned are always a safer bet than a multitude of candid shots.

#3 – You only need so many pictures of that local landmark: Some people who bring cameras along end up wasting a lot of time photographing buildings and scenery, time that could be better spent admiring the local female population. Don’t be one of those tourists who takes 100 pictures of Old Montreal for the folks back home. They’ll be bored after the first 10 anyway, so buy some postcards instead.

Top 8 Excuses for Having Strippers at your Montreal Bachelor Party (Part 2)

#4- Peer pressure.

Not only will your friends be really disappointed in a bachelor party sans strippers (however much they show it or not), but you can use this excuse a bit with the bride-to-be. As a last resort, you can always explain to her that all your friends are giving you a hard time about it, or, as a last, last resort, you can just go to the strip club anyway, and blame it alllll on that evil best man—its his duty. You could even get your friends to take pictures of you handcuffed in the Montreal limo on the way to the strip club (but afterwards, picture time is over.).

#3-She’s having strippers for her bachelorette party.

Oh she’s not, you say? Make it happen. Throw the maid of honour the bills, and she will be more than happy to throw them herself.

#2-You have a good relationship.

This is always the best excuse. There’s nothing more important in a relationship than trust-and also in leveraging this fact to your advantage, in certain scenarios…

…Anyways, she has to understand that just because you are saying “yes” to strippers doesn’t mean you will be saying “yes, yes, yes!” to strippers. There are different degrees of strip club participation, especially in a city as ample in adult options as Sin Cité. Not only could you go to a non-contact strip club and not get a lap dance, but in Montreal, you could find one that would actually still be legitimately better than any strip club any of you guys have been to before.

#1-Dude, you only live once.

Have you been to Montreal’s strip clubs? If you have, then you know what the best excuse to go to Montreal strip clubs is: the strip clubs themselves! Obviously this isn’t an excuse to bring up to the girlfriend, but its still powerful enough to deserve #1, for it’s own sake. Do you really want to deprive yourself and your group of the non-scammy, non-nasty, non-optional experience of the best Montreal strip clubs while having a bachelor party here? Bottle service is more affordable, lap dances go for 10 dollars, and the VIP at gentlemen’s clubs here really does make a big difference, whether you are a full contact or non-contact strip club.

Top 8 Excuses for Having Strippers at your Montreal Bachelor Party (Part 1)

Whether you need to convince your friend, your girlfriend, or yourself (what’s wrong with you, man?), here are the top 8 excuses for having strippers at your Montreal bachelor party:

#8-You let your girlfriend make out with girls, but she won’t let you go to a strip club?

You don’t let your girlfriend make out with girls? Do you have a pulsating hatred of everything that is beautiful and good?…

…OK so this one doesn’t work for every groom, but if the shoe fits, you best grab this Cinderella of an excuse just like she grabbed that Cinderella.

#7 She might like what happens at Montreal nightclubs less than what happens at Montreal strip clubs.

Montreal nightlife is very welcoming to bachelor party groups…And at the right Montreal nightclubs, at the right time, they can often be very, very welcoming. Whether your group is high rollers or just good timers, your group is likely to get spotted, and you might get a lap dance or serious grinding without even mentioning the fact you are the groom.

#6-You are a strip club virgin.

Obviously you do not overkill this by trying to evoke pity from her, she will want to kill you. BUT it does paint a soothing picture for her if you convey to her that this isn’t a regular thing, you have never even done it, or had an interest in it. Plus, “your best man/your Dad/the world” said that bachelor parties are supposed to be about having new experiences (and there could be no better place than Montreal strip clubs to pop this cherry!).

#5-You are a virgin virgin.

Oh, dude. It ain’t right to jump right into the war without first having seen any guns. As great as having breasts jiggle in your face is, having only one pair of breasts jiggle in front of your face for your whole life is just wrong. Speaking of which…

For the top 4 Reasons to have strippers at your Montreal bachelor party, go to Part 2.

Naughty Ideas for a Bachelor Party

Nothing says celebration of freedom like ladies, and lots of them! So, if the groom is down for that sort of entertainment, you best not disappoint. Take advantage of the one excuse you and the boys may have not to talk to your wives and girlfriends for a night and bring out the big…guns…

VIP strip club experience

Ex(xx)perience Montreal strip clubs to the fullest with VIP access and entrance to clubs with the hottest strippers this filthy town has to offer. Not only will you have no lineups and no cover charges, but your VIP hosts will give you insider’s info on how to avoid tourist traps and other VIP wisdom.

Jello wrestling

What’s more wild than wild? Wet n’ wild! Enjoy all that is good and jiggles by setting up a jello wrestling pool at your party! Hire a sexy referee and of course, wrestlers…You can even divide the groomsmen into teams and assign one wrestler for each team. You could imagine all kinds of “rewards” for the winning team, or “punishments” (i.e. shots, or maybe even a spanking?) for the losers, but either way: clearly with Jello wrestling, everybody wins.

Body sushi

Take “excellent presentation” to a whole new meaning with Montreal body sushi! It’s like combining two male bonding classics into one. Bon appetite!

Private entertainment

Get room service at its best with private entertainment at the hotel. Montreal strippers can come to your room for private shows, and even girl-on-girl shows (and probably pretty much anything else you can imagine).

When going with nighlife experts like Montreal VIP, the options for “entertainment” are rarely limited by more than your imagination. Talk to them about planning a bachelor party that will make you everyone’s best man.