Montreal Bachelor Party Ideas

Planning the ultimate bachelor can be overwhelming and leave the best man (groomsman) not knowing where to start.  The bachelor has high expectations of this right-of-passage into manhood and probably played a role in him finally popping the questions. His marriage as a 50% can of making, don’t leave his bachelor party to chance. Here is some ideas, factors to consider:

Location: Montreal is by far at the top of the list for best bachelor party locations in the world. The city is full of beautiful women, nightlife, strip clubs (oh did we mentions contact strip clubs) and restaurants that will leave you wanting more every night!

Alcohol: Bottles, Bottles and more bottles… You want to leave an impression on your crew and the ladies at the club. In Montreal (like most cities) the more bottles you have on a table equals higher status (and more ladies). So want to feel like a high roller for the weekend, plan your nights according with bottle service. Don’t wing it plan ahead, Montreal Bachelor Party are experts at planning and knowing how many bottles and how to split then up for the weekend. Bachelor Party Montreal will make sure you all have a weekend of drunken debauchery.

Girls, girls and more girls… Private show with girl on girl is a must for your bachelor party. Whether you want a private show in hotel suite with the guys or if you want it on a rooftop (private suite balcony), or steakhouse private room the entrainment is sure to add to the party and be something the bachelor will not forget. Don’t want a private show, just want ladies to party with? Bachelor Party Montreal will hook you up with some of Montreal’s top models to party.

Gambling a vice for the bachelor… Montreal does have a casino that is open 24/7. If you guys want more of an informal game, what about topless poker dealer. Enjoy a couple of beers and a good game of poker with a hot topless dealer, not a bad way to start the night off. If gambling is not your thing what about a Naked Brunch? Start your morning off with a hot naked waitress serving your favorite breakfast choice.

Foodie? Montreal is a city that is known for their cuisine. Whether you want a high-class steak house or a poutine (a Montreal classic that is a must) Montreal has all you could every desire. Montreal Bachelor Party will set you guys up with the best of the best. Cost an issue? (Or just want to spend your money on other things…) Montreal has a wide variety of good budget restaurants that will please everyone.

Daytime activities… Yes you will be nursing a hangover but the bachelor party only happens once (well for 50%) but having a activity for the day is a great way to bond and get some material for the best-man speech! Get active, even if most of the guys are 20 pounds overweigh and out of shape. Try an activity outdoors like jet-skiing, whitewater rafting or go-karting. Its fun and will help work off the hangover and work up an appetite.  We know you all are men, but a relaxing day at the spa is always an option too.

Bachelor Party Montreal has been in business for many years and is the expert to planning Montreal Bachelor Parties. Your wish is our reality, ask and you shall receive.