Montreal Restaurants

Montreal is a city that is known for its culinary appeal. Montreal has so many unique restaurants, which is sure to satisfy everyone’s palate. Whether you are in the mood for a classy upscale restaurant or a late night snack Montreal food is sure to deliver an experience like no other.

Like many other cities Montreal has a few must-eats.

Smoke meat
Smoke meat is a classic Montreal food that you must try. Smoked meat sliced thinly served a rye bread and a side of pickles is to die-for. One of Montreal’s famous landmarks is Schwartz Restaurant that serves the best smoked meats in the city.

Described by many as sinful, poutine is a mix of French fries, cheese curds and gravy. This dish was first developed in Quebec and has become a local staple since. You can find poutine on most menus in Montreal, upscale restaurants serve a classier version and fast food joints have the typical poutine style. Montreal loves poutine so much that they dedicate on whole week to celebrate poutine in Montreal (usually every February).

Bachelor Party Montreal works with some of Montreal’s world famous restaurants for you to experiences the city of culinary delight. Here is our list of top restaurant:

1. Joe Beef
2. Liverpool House
3. Grand Manger
4. Au Pied Cochon
5. Toque

1. Schwartz
2. Boustan
3. St. Viateur Bagel (Montreal is also known for their bagels and this is one spot not to be missed)
4. Satay Brothers
5. La Banquise

Bachelor Party Montreal will help guide you, make reservations at Montreal top restaurants.