Naughty Ideas for a Bachelor Party

Nothing says celebration of freedom like ladies, and lots of them! So, if the groom is down for that sort of entertainment, you best not disappoint. Take advantage of the one excuse you and the boys may have not to talk to your wives and girlfriends for a night and bring out the big…guns…

VIP strip club experience

Ex(xx)perience Montreal strip clubs to the fullest with VIP access and entrance to clubs with the hottest strippers this filthy town has to offer. Not only will you have no lineups and no cover charges, but your VIP hosts will give you insider’s info on how to avoid tourist traps and other VIP wisdom.

Jello wrestling

What’s more wild than wild? Wet n’ wild! Enjoy all that is good and jiggles by setting up a jello wrestling pool at your party! Hire a sexy referee and of course, wrestlers…You can even divide the groomsmen into teams and assign one wrestler for each team. You could imagine all kinds of “rewards” for the winning team, or “punishments” (i.e. shots, or maybe even a spanking?) for the losers, but either way: clearly with Jello wrestling, everybody wins.

Body sushi

Take “excellent presentation” to a whole new meaning with Montreal body sushi! It’s like combining two male bonding classics into one. Bon appetite!

Private entertainment

Get room service at its best with private entertainment at the hotel. Montreal strippers can come to your room for private shows, and even girl-on-girl shows (and probably pretty much anything else you can imagine).

When going with nighlife experts like Montreal VIP, the options for “entertainment” are rarely limited by more than your imagination. Talk to them about planning a bachelor party that will make you everyone’s best man.