Planning Guide

Talk to the groom

  • As much as you like to think you know your best buddy it is always a good idea to talk to the bachelor before you start planning his party. Get an idea from him what he wants and the limits he is okay with. Some surprises are good and others will not end the way you imagine.

Guest List

  • Get together an intended guest list with the groom. The last thing you want is someone in your group who’ll feel out of place. It is always good to try to confirm numbers (rough) before getting a bachelor party package, this helps the quote to be realistic.

Determine the date of the trip

  • A bachelor party should take place no less than one month prior to the wedding, on a date that best accommodates those who wish to attend.
  • Montreal comes alive in summer.  Montreal has many festivals in the city during the summer and fall. If your group loves comedy or racing or beer, we can help you choose a date that will coincide with a relevant festival. Keep in mind, however, that bachelor parties during the larger festivals such as the Canadian Grand Prix may cost you more.
  • Montreal nightclubs and strip clubs stay lively all year round. You can be sure to see plenty of students from the Montreal’s many major universities and other women enjoying the nightlife across the city.

Calculate a budget

  • The best advice is to try to agree on a budget and collect funds before the trip! (A big reason why bachelor party packages, priced per person, are a best man’s best friend).

What if the budget is too high for some?

  • There are several routes available to solve budget discrepancies. One solution is to have high rollers or close friends contribute to the overall budget. This will help lower the costs and still keep the party affordable for all that wish to attend.
  • Our Bachelor Party Montreal service is able to provide you with a level of service and access that you would never be able to obtain on your own.