Top 10 Bachelor Party mistakes

As friends and the best-man your responsibility is to give the bachelor a party he will remember not regret. Our job at Bachelor Party Montreal is help you not commit any of these bachelor party sins:

#1 – Not being organized, lack of planning

If you’re in charge of planning a bachelor party, do it right. Don’t throw something together at the last minute or figure things will just work out. A good bachelor party takes time to plan, don’t leave it to the last minute. The groom has in-trusted you with the ultimate responsibility, a party of a lifetime, don’t let him regret it! Get help planning from a professional company, Bachelor Party Montreal.

#2 – Inviting along the in-laws

Your future brother in-law is a great guy, you father in-law is chill, lucky for you, your life after the wedding should be great! But in-laws do not belong at bachelor parties. Enough said.

#3 – Fronting cash

Not getting money from the bachelor party attendees upfront can create rifts and put a strain on your pocketbook. Always collect the necessary funds before you book those plane tickets or order that keg. That is why using a company like us can help. The cost is all laid out before the event and the price is pre-person, so everyone one knows what they owe.

#4 – Inviting a crowd

The more, the merrier applies to some parties, but not bachelor parties. Invite the bachelor’s closest friends only, and resist the urge to add more names just to make the party bigger. One man wolf packs can be hard to deal with.

#5 – Ignoring the bachelor’s input

The bachelor has probably planned the bachelor party in his head for months. It is important to listen to what he wants and does not. You want it to be a party he will remember and enjoy. Get the groups input too, therefore no one is left out of the planning and they’re no surprises.

#6 – Over scheduling your afternoons

If the bachelor party is a several-day event, go easy on the afternoon activities. You’ll need that time to gear up for the night’s events, or perhaps to recover from the previous evening.

# 7 Ordering by the Glass-

Alcohol should be flowing like water of the bachelor party weekend. The worst thing your group could do is not get bottle service at the nightclubs and strip clubs. You don’t want to waste your night or money going up to the bar to order drinks. Let the drinks come to you. Bottle service is a must. Bottle service at a club will give your group the status you deserve. Girls with flock to your area in no time when they see the bottles. One thing to remember is to pace yourself, getting wasted too early will be a downer for everyone.

#8 Getting advice from the wrong source.

Montreal is a unique city that is always changing. Most of the nightclubs that we were happening five years ago are not the same as today. Getting the wrong information on the hot spots can leave to a devastating party. Bachelor Party Montreal only deals with the top venues in the city and will bring you place you could never get in by doing it on your own.

#9 – Collecting evidence

Leave the cameras at home, and resist the urge to bring back incriminating mementos.

#10 – Getting the bride to be’s input.

The bachelor is a lucky man to have found his one true love. Hopefully he is even luckier to have a friend that will not ask or include the bride in any of the planning. Your job is to keep the details to the guys and reassure the bride that her man is in good hands. Oh did we mention no photos or videos (check iphone before he returns home to be safe).