Top 8 Excuses for Having Strippers at your Montreal Bachelor Party (Part 1)

Whether you need to convince your friend, your girlfriend, or yourself (what’s wrong with you, man?), here are the top 8 excuses for having strippers at your Montreal bachelor party:

#8-You let your girlfriend make out with girls, but she won’t let you go to a strip club?

You don’t let your girlfriend make out with girls? Do you have a pulsating hatred of everything that is beautiful and good?…

…OK so this one doesn’t work for every groom, but if the shoe fits, you best grab this Cinderella of an excuse just like she grabbed that Cinderella.

#7 She might like what happens at Montreal nightclubs less than what happens at Montreal strip clubs.

Montreal nightlife is very welcoming to bachelor party groups…And at the right Montreal nightclubs, at the right time, they can often be very, very welcoming. Whether your group is high rollers or just good timers, your group is likely to get spotted, and you might get a lap dance or serious grinding without even mentioning the fact you are the groom.

#6-You are a strip club virgin.

Obviously you do not overkill this by trying to evoke pity from her, she will want to kill you. BUT it does paint a soothing picture for her if you convey to her that this isn’t a regular thing, you have never even done it, or had an interest in it. Plus, “your best man/your Dad/the world” said that bachelor parties are supposed to be about having new experiences (and there could be no better place than Montreal strip clubs to pop this cherry!).

#5-You are a virgin virgin.

Oh, dude. It ain’t right to jump right into the war without first having seen any guns. As great as having breasts jiggle in your face is, having only one pair of breasts jiggle in front of your face for your whole life is just wrong. Speaking of which…

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