Top 8 Excuses for Having Strippers at your Montreal Bachelor Party (Part 2)

#4- Peer pressure.

Not only will your friends be really disappointed in a bachelor party sans strippers (however much they show it or not), but you can use this excuse a bit with the bride-to-be. As a last resort, you can always explain to her that all your friends are giving you a hard time about it, or, as a last, last resort, you can just go to the strip club anyway, and blame it alllll on that evil best man—its his duty. You could even get your friends to take pictures of you handcuffed in the Montreal limo on the way to the strip club (but afterwards, picture time is over.).

#3-She’s having strippers for her bachelorette party.

Oh she’s not, you say? Make it happen. Throw the maid of honour the bills, and she will be more than happy to throw them herself.

#2-You have a good relationship.

This is always the best excuse. There’s nothing more important in a relationship than trust-and also in leveraging this fact to your advantage, in certain scenarios…

…Anyways, she has to understand that just because you are saying “yes” to strippers doesn’t mean you will be saying “yes, yes, yes!” to strippers. There are different degrees of strip club participation, especially in a city as ample in adult options as Sin Cité. Not only could you go to a non-contact strip club and not get a lap dance, but in Montreal, you could find one that would actually still be legitimately better than any strip club any of you guys have been to before.

#1-Dude, you only live once.

Have you been to Montreal’s strip clubs? If you have, then you know what the best excuse to go to Montreal strip clubs is: the strip clubs themselves! Obviously this isn’t an excuse to bring up to the girlfriend, but its still powerful enough to deserve #1, for it’s own sake. Do you really want to deprive yourself and your group of the non-scammy, non-nasty, non-optional experience of the best Montreal strip clubs while having a bachelor party here? Bottle service is more affordable, lap dances go for 10 dollars, and the VIP at gentlemen’s clubs here really does make a big difference, whether you are a full contact or non-contact strip club.